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Chipseal, is a surface treatment that combines one or more layer(s) of asphalt with one or more layer(s) of fine aggregate. Chipseals are typically used on rural roads carrying lower traffic volumes, and the process is often referred to as "asphaltic surface treatment"

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Asphalt Road Paving & Repair Services

Hot-Mix Paving

Asphalt pavements have always possessed Economical, Engineering, and Environmental benefits which are second to none in the paving industry. While requiring patching or maintenance over time asphalt paving is the most economical surface than concrete

 Chip Seal Paving

Chip Seal  is the application of a special protective surface to an existing pavement. A dump truck full of chips (gravel) locks on to the chip spreader and is pulled backwards. A thin layer of liquid asphalt is sprayed down in front of the chip spreader.

Road Base Paving

Less expensive than both hot-mix or chip seal road base is semi-durable substitute suited for dry environments. Requires frequent surface grading to maintain a smooth appearance. Road base also handles water absorption and is easily repaired.

Seal Coating w/ Rejuvenation

Asphalt Rejuvenation and seal coating are designed to replace the oils that are lost due to aging. This oxidation aging, is caused by the effects the effects of the suns rays, water and air. Rejuvenation add oils to asphalt extending durability.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Cracks in asphalt are caused by oxidation, drying, shrinking, poor installation, water and cold climates. Proper crack sealing creates a seal between asphalt and the sub-surface to inhibit water from penetrating and causing extensive asphalt repairs.


Paveing and Seal Pro offers stiping services for commercial, industrial and residential locations in comal county where the need to provide visual vehicle navigation and parking is a concern. We adhere to set striping requirments.